Ignited Leadership Summit

November 11 - 13, 2022 / Austin, TX

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What is Ignited Leadership Summit?

Ignited Leadership Summit is the premier wellness and leadership summit, unlike any other. This event is a highly curated experience for creatives, leaders, visionaries and ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to do things differently.

Learn the tools and strategies from industry leaders on how they navigate their way to building sustainable success and lasting impact in a world that will tell you everyone else knows better. 

The world is not the same. YOU are not the same. We cannot continue making decisions out of fear, struggle, and isolation. There is a better way. 

Ignited Leadership Summit will provide you with a roadmap to navigate the next levels of entrepreneurship and help develop the tools to create conscious choices so you can build your business on your terms.

We’ll share powerful ways to align your actions with your priorities and unlock your potential as a leader. Stop compromising pieces of who you are to achieve what you want. Contribute to a network of thought leaders and change makers who are expanding as well.

Join us if you’re ready to ignite something inside you.

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At Ignited Leadership Summit, you will….

Liberate yourself from the small box of rules of what it means to lead to achieve your true potential as an individual and as a leader.
Uplevel your resources (both internally and externally) to become a leader who invites more sustainable abundance into your life, your business, and your relationships.
Authentically connect with industry leaders and successful peers to build a network of support lasting beyond just one weekend.
“The Summit is really about creating a space for women who are interested in expanding and exploring conversations around wellness and leadership. My hope is that we can actively dismantle limiting narratives and systems that no longer serve us. We deserve a sustainable system that honors our differences and affirms that we are worthy of our own time, care, and attention.”
– Allison Tenney, Founder, Ignited Leadership Summit




“I found a new sense of confidence and conviction that left me feeling totally at home talking to everyone in the room. I am so grateful I took the jump and made a point to get to this event, and look forward to seeing how it grows in years to come!”

– 2019 Attendee

“I feel like my community grew beyond my wildest dreams. Since the event I have connected with womxn about collaborating/working together. I feel like I have a new lease on life.”

– 2019 Attendee

“I absolutely loved the content. I was so inspired by the womxn who hosted the break-out sessions I attended. I liked that the sessions were interactive, informative, real + candid.”

– 2019 Attendee

We are Ignited Women:

  • Our stories are unique and important.

    In sharing our stories, we find that we are all more alike than we are different.

  • Strength and Success take all different shapes and forms.

    We are ever-changing beings that are learning and evolving in many aspects of our lives. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual…just to name a few. All these aspects are a constant evolution.

  • Leadership is showing up in your fullness.

    We must have the energy and bandwidth to show up all the way and lead. Do not shy away from who you are in an attempt to “fit in” or play small for the comfort of others. It only only prevents us from leading. Show ALL the way up, with your quirks, individuality, experiences, creativity, and aspirations.

  • We support individuals to enhance the collective.

    There is enough for everyone. We have an abundance mindset that there is plenty of success, wealth, beauty, happiness, or whatever it is you seek. And because there is enough for everyone, there is no need to step on, step over, undermine, or undercut others. We are stronger together.


Ignited Leadership Summit would like to recognize and thank our Sponsors!
This event space has ADA accessible options. Individuals with disabilities, who would like to attend Ignited Leadership Summit,  please contact Allison Tenney, event Founder, regarding any special accommodation needs.